Friday, 8 June 2018

Writing Prompt: You're filling a time capsule to bury in the backyard that will be dug up in five hundred years. Write the letter you'd put inside to describe life as you know it today.

To whom it may concern,

You hopefully exist in a world far different than the one I regret being part of today.

Things have never been better. You can eat almost anything, do almost anything, and in most regions you are safe from the previous ever-present threat of murder, thievery, war, or a combination of the three. There is no point in human history that was safer and more prosperous.

Things have never been worse. With this industrialized prosperity comes the stark reality that we are no longer concerned with mere matters of daily survival. The grind that we have transitioned to is of artificial construction and not necessity.

As a society, we have progressed to the point where struggle is largely a design of human hands. We are equipped to take care of humanity but elect not to, feigning impossibility or cost for the reason why we do not meet this mark.

Without the life-or-death struggle, we are granted the opportunity to assess and ponder. Philosophy became an innate consideration within our human condition. The question of purpose and direction is one that is continuously being asked of us, yet we remain trapped in the confines of old ways of thinking.

We continue to operate as though we are peasantry living under the threat of famine and conscription instead of as technologically advanced individuals who can largely determine what comes next. Frozen by tradition and indifference, our society allows itself to be steered by predatory personalities who are intent on self-satisfaction and not at all concerned with the welfare of our people. We are an aimless society rife with corruption, neglect, and woefully unnecessary pain.

Our prosperity has put us at risk, and I hope you are reading this with even greater prosperity surrounding you without the same existentialist quandary looming over your shoulder. 

There are many in this society who claim to have the solution. Tribes are erected around us all claiming to solve the problems we face. These groups are largely ineffectual, instead perpetuating the issue and further dividing those who should be kin. You are left with few options. Feeling alienated amongst your own kind is a likely fate.

I write from a hand that no longer sees the value in effort. I’ve failed my morality and continue to fail myself as an individual each and every day that passes. Dreams of a better world are haunting instead of inspirational. I have lost the fight.

It is a sign of self-absorbed hypocrisy to speak with such authority about the world yet remain unwilling to do one’s part in changing it. This is who writes to you from the past. You would do well to consider my words with appropriate skepticism and doubt.

You may not have worked to receive this letter but you deserve better than what you’ve been given.

If you yet possess your soul, you will do your best to keep it. 

The world, no matter how great, can be greater. 

My words, as fatalistic and without purpose they may be, serve as warning. There is more to life than being beaten. 

Perhaps you live in a world where this remains true and you are surrounded by individuals who can help you make it better. 

I hope it for you.

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